About Us

EcoFood International Company Limited

Ecofood is committed to provide the highest quality healthcare products and services with the best of our knowledge on Natural Medicine, Food and Nutritional Science to individuals who are looking for healthy, clean, natural and eco friendly products in their daily life. Our success and very existence are dependent on the repeat orders and word-of-mouth recommendations by loyal, satisfied customers.

Ecofood is not the same as those health food stores for just selling products, our Doctor of Natural Medicine is ready to meet you and provide sincere personal consultation on natural healing and diseases prevention through proper dietary schedule or on strenthening the whole person spirit, mind and body via detox protocols.

Our mission is strongly backed by the 6 basic principles of Naturopathy or Naturopathic Medicine :

First do no harm
The healing power of nature
Identify and restore the cause
The physician as teacher
Revitalize the whole person

Ecofood is a trustworthy health care partner for you and your family !

We are proud to announce the award recognition presented by the renowned international business magazines publisher Mediazone Group of Publications as one of the companies attained the “HONG KONG MOST VALUABLE COMPANY AWARD 2015”.